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A series of autumn promos in SL Casino: The Fall, Back to school, Harley Davidson

19:44, 02 Жов 2018 · Категорія: Новини · Переглядів 280 · 

In Riga, SL Casino hosts a series of autumn prizes and jackpots. To become a happy owner of a cash prize or a brand new Harley Davidson, it is worth taking part in such events: The Fall, Back to school, the drawing of Harley Davidson. Everyone who has made at least one bet participates in lotteries.

SL Casino is a young casino in Riga, belonging to the VIP category. The gambling house is located in the respectable complex of the Grand Hotel Kempinski. The casino is a part of the Shangri La network, which has been operating in the CIS since 1992. At the moment, the units of the network are represented in four countries: Latvia, Georgia, Armenia and Belarus. The brand is controlled by the international holding, Storm International, which also oversees the network of German slot halls Storm Casinos and develops a licensed online casino Shangri La.

SL Casino - VIP class casino
The gaming house SL Casino Riga was created as an elite institution for a respectable audience, primarily for foreigners who want to spend their time in Riga. Like all Shangri La establishments, SL is decorated with discreet luxury, furnished with custom-made wooden furniture and exclusive decor items.

Although, the casino is located in a huge complex of Kempinski, it has its own signboard and a separate entrance. All the rooms occupy more than six hundred square meters on two floors. From the street, the guests immediately get into spacious slot-halls with 50+ modern slot machines.

The first floor is divided into zones: table games, lounge, VIP hall. In the common hall, there are 10 tables with cards and a roulette. The cards are represented by several varieties of poker, blackjack and baccarat. Roulette in SL Casino is American. VIP room is available for members of a closed club. Here, private games with high stakes are organized.

Part of SL Casino is a sports bar. It is located on the ground floor next to the slot-zone. Its guests will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of drinks.
The distinctive feature of the Shangri La network, to which SL belongs, is impeccable service and friendly attitude to the guests. The staff speaks several languages (English, Russian, Latvian) and strives to fulfill all the wishes of visitors.

Drawings and lotteries for all
Since the launch of the Shangri La casino, guests are given the opportunity to spend interesting evenings and receive pleasant surprises. Therefore, in all divisions, including in the new casino in Latvia, prizes are held at least once a week.

Thematic parties are one of the features that are highly valued by regular customers. On weekends or holidays, you can get to the carnival, beach party, seasonal lottery or other intricate events. And to become a member, you do not have to do anything special, just play in SL Casino (Latvia).

Autumn 2018 is especially rich in surprises. On Fridays there is a draw of jackpots The Fall, where 3000 Euros are played. Since the end of summer, the action has started. Casino hold “Back to school” with a prize fund of 20 000 euros. And at the end of September, the original Harley Davidson from the Latvian dealer will play among the guests.

Regular guests playing slot machines, in addition to winnings obtained in their favorite games, participate in weekly drawings of additional jackpots. A similar prize fund is also allocated for table players.

Shares are constantly changing and updated, once in a season, real big prizes are played, such as motorcycles or cars. And the wins are given out immediately with all the guests present.

To learn more about the work of SL Casino, as well as on current promotions, we invite you to visit httрs://sl-casino.lv/.



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